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Digital currencies and blockchain technology will radically transform our lives in the coming decades. Not only will banking and financial services be greatly disrupted, but new and innovative forms of collaboration will be enabled—immune to censorship and permissionless by design. I am ecstatic to be part of history, graduating in the first cohort to receive MSc degrees in Digital Currency. With their world-renowned MOOC and graduate programs in this cutting-edge field, the University of Nicosia is blazing a trail for future FinTech business leaders. My favorite part of the program is the diversity of the students and instructors, literally from all corners of the world, yet sharing the same deep passion for this ground-breaking technology. Embrace the future of money, commerce, contracts, business structures, etc., and apply for the MSc degree in Digital Currency!
Paul Jones, Class of 2016, Researcher at CryptoIQ
We, the blockchain enthusiasts are many times rushing through the mutating crypto-space at a fast pace. Having a structured master class that University of Nicosia provides, helps keeping you right in the center of activities, with the helpful support of fellow students, sharing our experiences from all parts of the world.
Gregor Borosa, Class of 2016, Founder at
Graduating from the world’s first Masters in Digital Currencies has acted as a catalyst towards a successful career within the industry. Connecting with highly motivated peers and industry leaders, you develop a deep understanding of the technology which becomes invaluable towards advocacy and leadership within this emergent ecosystem.
Rupert Hackett, Class of 2016, General Manager, Board Director, ADCCA (Australia Digital Currency Commerce Association)
I am the first woman in the world to earn this degree and I am so proud of it. It enabled me to acquire the necessary technical expertise for carrying out my research on blockchain, governance and public policy. It has been a valuable opportunity for professional growth.
Marcella Atzori, Ph.D., Class of 2016, Political Analyst and Researcher, University College of London, Reasearch Center for Blockchain Technologies.
While traveling across 4 differnt continents, I was able to obtain a Masters Degree in Digital Currency, which landed me my dream job! Thank you to all the professors, TAs, students, and all the people behind the scenes that helped make for such a powerful experience!
Griff Green, Class of 2016,
The Masters in Digital Currency program by the University of Nicosia is a great way to get a competitive advantage in the new financial order.
Jared Carty, Class of 2016,
The UNic program expanded my knowledge of the digital currency space. The classes were taught by respected staff within the industry and were well worth it.
Bryan Adkison, Class of 2016
The MSC in Digital Currency presented by the University of Nicosia was a fantastic experience, really opening my eyes to the endless opportunities which Digital Currency presents in Africa.
Rodney Trubshaw, Class of 2016
I am the first Physician to complete the MSc in Digital Currency and am excited to be a member of the first ever graduating class. This degree allows one to incorporate prior knowledge, test it, and expand it into a sophisticated approach to Digital Assets, Consensus Ledgers and Smart Contracts. All together – an extraordinarily valuable experience! I highly recommend it.
Bryant Joseph GILOT, MD CM DPhil, Class of 2016, Surgeon, Researcher at, Founder at BlockChain Intelligence, LLC