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I came in and was absolutely blown away by the amount of coverage and in-depth analysis that was explained throughout this summer.  From blockchain analysis, to central bank responsibilities to the remittances market, it’s evident that much care was involved in designing the curriculum as it relates to budding financial service professionals interested in incorporating bitcoin into our modern economy.  Thanks a bunch guys!
Michael Mendonca
This subject was very interesting and taught with passion. A nice change from normal University lectures.
Rupert Hackett
Having completed numerous online courses, free and otherwise, from top schools around the world including Thunderbird, Stanford, MIT, Edinburgh and others, I feel I am qualified to say that this course in terms of effect, design, breadth and depth is among the best on the world, and most definitely raised the bar in many regards, perhaps the most significant being the visionary boldness and innovative in taking on the challenge of high quality instruction in the emerging field of digital currencies. I am proud to say I was there when academic history was made.

I was highly skeptical at first, given how quickly change is advancing in the world of digital currencies, I really wasn’t sure if it would be possible to create a course that wouldn’t be out dated as soon as it was published. Well, I was very pleasantly surprised. The course is taught by the world’s leading experts in cryptocurrency, cyber security, economics and digital finance. They offered material and fielding questions with the deep insights and technical knowledge that only highly advanced practitioners can.

Not only did I learn the basics of Bitcoin, it’s variants, and the surrounding issues, but I also learned that with very well-thought-out instruction, excellent questions from my colleagues and the caliber of material I would have only expected from famous universities, that I myself could learn even master an extraordinary amount about such a complex and sophisticated subject. I am extremely pleased and will be forever grateful for the opportunity that this course gave me, so much so that even though I passed this class I plan on taking the next session anyway, as I hope to continue my learning in this field and also to meet even more exceptionally talented and interesting people from across the globe who share a passion for this exciting new frontier of finance, technology and economics. I could not recommend it more highly.

Philip Dursey, Bitcoin evangelist, Stanford Trained Advanced Computer Security Professional, MIT Trained Big Data Specialist and former Family Office Executive with 10 years’ experience in Information Security, Wealth Management, Corporate Governance, M&A Cyber Due Diligence, Advanced Analytics, & Causal Realist Economics.
I believe that the high success rate of this course has to do with the fact that a large number of people enrolled due to their genuine interest to find out more about the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and not just to add another certificate on their CV, and also because the course was so well structured, presented and highly interactive that it maintained and even managed to intensify this interest from start to completion.As an asset manager, I have been intrigued by the potential of cryptocurrencies as an evolving asset class and its future importance in my work, as well as the significant role they will come to play in our everyday lives. For me there was no better way to find out more about this fascinating area than taking this course and learning firsthand about it from pioneers in the field such as Andreas Antonopoulos and Antonis Polemitis.
Christiana Vasiadou
Has been a great experience to be part of this first ever MOOC in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. Keeping track on all subjects and concepts proposed by this fabulous teaching team, has made more understandable this new exciting innovation to a person like me (50 years old with no previous background in computer tech, or the world of finances).Taking part in this master has opened my mind further to the idea that whatever the future brigs, Blockchain technologies will be part of it, directly or indirectly, as soon as Internet or a similar communication transport exists. The way all this technologies involved in Bitcoin are put together, to match a service that anyone can freely use around the world, able of avoiding the use of a centralize third party as a mean of trust, is one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever tried to understand.
Javier Asís
When I first heard about the MSc Digital Currency program and Introduction to Digital Currencies MOOC I had expected an MBA with a digital currency flavor. After attending the first class I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was so much more.In reality the Introduction to Digital Currency MOOC is equal parts global finance and digital currency and is completely different from a traditional business academic program. This course masterfully weaves together information concerning how money flows through the global economy, principles of how the flow of money is either facilitated or impeded, and the role of digital currency in both the global economy today and the future.

I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in the business and technical aspects of digital currency. The two professors, Antonis Polemitis and Andreas Antonopoulos bring amazing depth to the course whether you are interested in the softer business attributes of digital currency or the hard coding aspects of digital currency. The Introduction to Digital Currencies MOOC has quickly established itself as the authority for all things digital currency.

J.R. Sedivy, Entrepreneur. Interests: Digital Currency, Cryptography, Programming (iOS - C, Objective-C, Web - HTML, CSS), Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing
This DFIN 511 MOOC course completely surprised me with its depth and the overall completeness of its coverage of Digital Currency. My knowledge base of this new and emerging subject increased exponentially! What this course also handles well is the rapid changing climate of Digital Currency. Using a platform with multi educational tools, as professors, you are able to adapt to real time events and map those onto the course material! Bravo. I have already recommended this course to others and will continue to do so.I want to thank you for a fabulous experience!! I know the dedication it takes to create a course and teach it online. The amount of your time and dedication is deeply appreciated. NOT to mention how much I learned. As an experiment to test both what I learned and what I absorbed, I attempted the final exam without any study other than following the course material. It also demonstrates the consistency in what you attempted to teach and what was learned! Kudos to you Andreas and Antonis
Lisa Jaya Waters
Excellent course, both for the quality of the teaching and the resources available in the platform. I highly recommend the great experience of this ‘cutting edge program’ to beginners who are moving the first steps in the world of cryptocurrencies, as well as to professionists and academic researchers who need to acquire an in-depth knowledge in this area. I will definitely continue with course in September.
Marcell Atzori, Ph.D
Thank you all at University of Nicosia for putting together such an amazing introduction to this brave new world of digital currencies! For me being an economist with major interest on Monetary Economics was a great experience, and learned a lot.Hope can contribute in the developing of this subject from an academic point of view and practical uses of the blockchain (which for me is the great development behind digital currencies).
Carlos Guberman