Newsblocks, Issue 08

The last two weeks have been filled with excitement, as the price of Bitcoin rose over 28-month highs to above $750. But, that's the least of what's happening in the space!

Governments, international organizations and large businesses are looking more into the space, as the potential impact to the global landscape becomes ever clearer.

Happening Now: The DAO is currently sustaining a sophisticated attack
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US Government Awards $600k in Grants for Blockchain Projects​.
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MIT's Brian Forde: "Companies Will Be Disrupted the Most by Public Blockchains".​ Read more

Blockchain technology successfully piloted by Allianz Risk Transfer and Nephila for catastrophe swap​.
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Sweden Tests Blockchain Smart Contracts for Land Registry.​
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The Internet of Trust
(by the IMF)
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Could the recent rally be connected to the Bitcoin Halving? What is it anyway?​
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How Banks Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Blockchain, Bitcoin's Underlying Tech.
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We're About to Live in a Blockchain-Based World. 
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The world is collectively, slowly but surely, turning their heads towards blockchain technology. Public and private distributed ledgers are paving the way for a more open, interconnected and automated reality, with less intermediaries.

Is it perhaps time you started preparing your organization for this future?
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