Newsblocks, Issue 09

Summer is in full heat but the beat of news never stops. With Brexit looming after the referendum, and its implications reverberating around the globe and its currencies, blockchain technology hasn't stopped paving the way forward.

Here's the most important news we observed.

The new Bitcoin supply halved successfully to 12.5 BTC every 10 minutes! Read more

How The Post-Brexit World Could Belong To Bitcoin.
Read more

New EU Proposals Seek to End Anonymous Bitcoin Trading.
Read more

Sent in Seconds, Not Days: Canadian Bank Tries Distributed Ledger.  Read more

Ukraine to use blockchain technology in curtailing corruption when selling government assets. Read more

R3 Summit Focuses on Smart Contract Templates and Their Potential. Read more

U.S. Gov’t Announces Blockchain Healthcare Contest.
Read more

Dutch Central Bank Prepares its Boldest Blockchain Experiment Yet.
Read more
The summer is also half gone! September approaches fast and with it starts a new free MOOC and applications for our pioneering MSc. 

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