Newsblocks, Issue 12

So much happened in the Bitcoin and Blockchain world in September and early October.

Several conferences gathered many interesting proposals from academia and business. At the same time, businesses and banks haven't stopped looking and building forward, one block at a time:


As Scaling Bitcoin Retargets in Milan, Focus Shifts to Fungibility

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Blockchain Ideologies Clash as Money2020 Spotlights Capital Markets
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Capital One Is Trying to Bring the Blockchain to Health Care

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Major European insurers band together to investigate the use of blockchain
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Major banks trade cotton using blockchain in a move that could transform a major industry
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ViaBTC Rises: How A Mysterious Miner Could Impact Bitcoin's Future

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Deloitte’s Catalyst Taps Emerging Technologies’ Power

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Global Banks Test Ripple's Digital Currency in New Blockchain Trial

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European Central Bank Pushes for Tighter Digital Currency Control

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Our 6th free MOOC is midway now, as we're leaving the technical sessions behind and moving on to the interface with conventional finance, banking, regulation and the prospects for the developing world.

You can watch all the live sessions with Andreas Antonopoulos here or join our live session today at 1200 EDT, 1700 BST, 1900 EEST here.

Join us here http://digitalcurrency.unic.ac.cy/ for the rest of this amazing course!
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