Newsblocks, Issue 15

A lot has been going on in the Bitcoin and Blockchain world these last couple of weeks. 

The fear of exchanges operating outside AML&KYC grounds, high volatility, and high risk involved have moved Central Banks to regulate cryptocurrencies with frameworks being proposed in China and Dubai.

It did not take long for Bitcoin Prices to stabilize amid China’s regulatory uncertainty, and interest in the technology is growing with Mercedes and SWIFT tapping on resources to discover future applications of Bitcoins and Distributed Ledgers. 

Let’s take a look at recent developments:


The Path to $10,000 Bitcoin - a Speculative Asset​

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SWIFT chooses Hyperledger in its blockchain development

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IBM Watson and FDA explore blockchain application for secure patient data and research. 

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Mercedes takes over PayCash Europe, a provider of Bitcoin payment services

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Regulatory Framework in UAE for Stored Values and Electronic Payment Systems
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Trading back on / with limits @ China

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Digital currencies and money laundering focus of INTERPOL meeting

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Israel authorities state that cryptocurrencies are taxable assets 

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Why the panic sellers are wrong about bitcoin

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Bitcoin Prices Stabilize Amid China Regulatory Uncertainty
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Tip of the week: Bitcoin prices widely fluctuate, so if you are considering to participate in its speculative concept through trading activity for example, always remember to buy what you can afford to lose. 

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