Newsblocks, Issue 16

The developments in the Blockchain space this week were rapid and contradicting between different regions. As the European Union wants to tighten regulation on crypto currencies and related technology, Dubai clarified its position and exempted Bitcoin from its latest ban on virtual currencies. Similarly, Switzerland is aiming for a supportive framework for start ups operating in the Blockchain space. 

Also in this edition, learn how someone took the expression “disrupt from the inside” literally, and has been mining bitcoin on his employer’s servers. 

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Let’s take a look at recent developments :


Why Bitcoin adoption is bigger, faster, and closer than you think!

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The WallStreet Blockchain Alliance announces New Blockchain Assets Working

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R3 CEV Unveils Distributed Ledger with Pluggable Consensus
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Abu Dhabi’s largest bank offers a new cross-border transaction service after tie up with Ripple

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Former Fed Employee Fined $5000 for Mining Bitcoin on Federal Reserve Server
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UAE Central Bank clarifies virtual currency ban and exempts digital currencies like Bitcoin following January 1 regulatory framework

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Switzerland aiming for a welcoming atmosphere for start ups working in the Blockchain

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Tip of the week: When you are buying digital currencies like bitcoins in exchange for cash payment, make sure to practice minimum KYC and AML rules to avoid future legal confrontations. Asking for seller / buyer ID, noting down email address / Social media profile, or any type of identifying document is a preventive measure to protect one's self from being caught up in illegal activities. 

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