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The UNIC Blockchain Professional Certification Programs are designed for students that wish to become competent blockchain professionals but do not wish to embark on a full academic program.

We offer a broad range of Professional Certifications that can help jump-start a career as blockchain business analyst, financial analyst, or developer.

The Professional Certification Programs are based on courses of the MSc in Digital Currency and are delivered by the same world-class instructors and in the same mode of delivery (i.e. six weeks per course, fully online). This ensures state of the art education, adapted to the realities of this quickly changing landscape, with all courses continuously updated with all the latest developments in the field of blockchains.

The Professional Certification Programs are open to all interested individuals, regardless of prior knowledge or experience. All students that successfully complete a program are awarded a Professional Certification by UNIC.

We currently offer three Professional Certification Programs, each consisting of three six-week courses:

Blockchain Financial Analyst Certification

DFIN-513 Open Financial Systems

DFIN-522 Regulation and Digital Currencies

DFIN-524 Blockchain Technology and Applications


Blockchain Business Analyst Certification

DFIN-522 Regulation and Digital Currencies

MGT-523 Principles of Disruptive Innovation

MIS-536 Emerging Topics and Practical Considerations in Blockchains


Blockchain Developer Certification

DFIN-524 Blockchain Technology and Applications

COMP-530 Cryptographic Systems Security

COMP-541 Digital Currency Programming


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